I felt bliss in your touch,
When you kissed my lips,
As if I am drowning in your watery eyes,
I released my wits to your angst in clips.

Every single word of your love,
Shines like diamond in my sky of desires,
Every single touch of your body,
Senses like a souls changing attires.

Your deep blue eyes sensitize my senses,
Your tiny nose adds flavor to my anxiety
Cuddling again and again in your arms,
every time feels a different variety

Your smile is like refreshing ages,
As if a lost sailor is regaining his energy,
A single kiss of your cheeks,
Places entire life in synergy.

Your face is like a sun raining the light,
Glowing in heaven to show me the meaning of life,
Your anger reflects the passion of a determined soul,
Just one hug demystifies care , and a lovely kiss cease my strife.


07/13/2012 18:24

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09/24/2012 03:36

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