A perfect team spirit with commitment,

Displaying the fortitude to the globe,

Thrashing the kangroos, devastating Pakistan & Conquering Lanka

 Played  three knock out  finals without dope .

An emotional tsunami originated at Wankhede,

Travelled faster than light all over the nation,

Every Indian is proud of being “An Indian” 

It was the result of 28 years preparation.

It demonstrated the zeal , thirst and hunger of 1.21 billion hearts

 Praying every second before the execution of last six,

The God finally bowed against the will of pure hearts,

Enabling every single emotion to mix.

Yes I am feeling proud, sitting over 7th heaven,

Every Indian road right now is reflecting the same story,

Every single individual’s hand is holding the flag high,

Yes this a moment for whole nation’s glory.

Now we will dance all night, enjoy till hell,

we will drink till we can’t stand , and that’s our right,

we are proud for an era of brilliance for our Nation,

A feel of morning rays piercing through dark night

Once again congrats to all Indians

We are the conqueror of the whole world with will,

With our ethics, culture and true spirit

We are capable of wiping out the strongest evil. 



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