Closing eye for a feel,

Where expression ends,

World slows down at once,

Stagnant silence leaving no trends.

A smile conquers action,

No complaint occurs,

Every second counts,

pure humanity, no stalkers.

Time swimming leisurely 

Brain flies instantly,

Body refuses to act,

Plans amass madly.

The power of thoughts,

Exceeds the flesh,

A journey shines in awe,

Energetic and fresh.

A melancholy sound disperse,

Recognizing end is near,

Noise wobbles in nature,

Atmosphere overlook fear.

An attire is surrounded,

At the wits of supreme,

The nucleus is off,

soundless but divine music stream.

Eyes relaxing due heaviness,

Surrender is complete,

Smiles stubbornly stays,

As no one is there to compete.