I am down with 1000 doubts in all

The tightness of skin feels stretch deep into soul

I am learning idioms for sure

But I am still confused about my actual goal.

The smile is not withstanding within lips

Words are in rhyme with something strange

Main hoo na is replaying in a different scenario

My concentration is where it should be but matter is out of coverage.

It doesn’t happened just once,

but its repetitive in nature,

as if sun is struggling with its sunlight at par,

and I am confused about a simple attractive creature.

 It’s like spreading the red carpet till hell,

And wishing for someone to follow the green light,

A white lie may do the trick,

Leaving everyone, green in envy till I boar that flight.

How can I, see red, a cute face of beauty,

That’s why, waiting till dawn as if standing in an infinite cue,

Hope I can be a reason for u, to be tickled pink,

And when you will stand in front, it’s going to be out of blue.

I am still waiting like a groom waiting for a newlywed bride,

But I also know that grass is always greener on the other side.