Closing eye for a feel,

Where expression ends,

World slows down at once,

Stagnant silence leaving no trends.

A smile conquers action,

No complaint occurs,

Every second counts,

pure humanity, no stalkers.

Time swimming leisurely 

Brain flies instantly,

Body refuses to act,

Plans amass madly.

The power of thoughts,

Exceeds the flesh,

A journey shines in awe,

Energetic and fresh.

A melancholy sound disperse,

Recognizing end is near,

Noise wobbles in nature,

Atmosphere overlook fear.

An attire is surrounded,

At the wits of supreme,

The nucleus is off,

soundless but divine music stream.

Eyes relaxing due heaviness,

Surrender is complete,

Smiles stubbornly stays,

As no one is there to compete.

Love is something that just means you,

The taste of your lips stands ahead in any queue,

Holding hands together sitting over dew,

Every single moment spend with you feels like new.

A kiss to your cheeks adds flavor to my mischief,

Every smile of you acts as a token of relief,

I had surrendered long back to your scenic beauty,

You picked out, like a throne from rose, my grief.

I shivered in the pain of competency and compliance,

Until the apartment of your arms showed their existence,

I lived under the belief of true emotional crunch,

Until the sea in your eyes showered its abundance.

A blind surmise of your fragrance is enough to fire,

A small blink of your eye carries diamond desire,

I have lost the battle against your seductive breaths,

I am a hostage of your magical sense of attire.

So you are the goddess of my creative globe,

every step  of you towards me increases my Heart throb,

I was the most confident person in earth ,

But a heavenly spirit of love had it all rob.

The water in my river of my thoughts is you,

The rainbow in the sky of my dreams is you,

Completing are my little universe of love and desire,

 I will complete it with three words ……… I love you.






I am down with 1000 doubts in all

The tightness of skin feels stretch deep into soul

I am learning idioms for sure

But I am still confused about my actual goal.

The smile is not withstanding within lips

Words are in rhyme with something strange

Main hoo na is replaying in a different scenario

My concentration is where it should be but matter is out of coverage.

It doesn’t happened just once,

but its repetitive in nature,

as if sun is struggling with its sunlight at par,

and I am confused about a simple attractive creature.

 It’s like spreading the red carpet till hell,

And wishing for someone to follow the green light,

A white lie may do the trick,

Leaving everyone, green in envy till I boar that flight.

How can I, see red, a cute face of beauty,

That’s why, waiting till dawn as if standing in an infinite cue,

Hope I can be a reason for u, to be tickled pink,

And when you will stand in front, it’s going to be out of blue.

I am still waiting like a groom waiting for a newlywed bride,

But I also know that grass is always greener on the other side.



An anxiety for a freedom,
A frivolous mind gets the work.
An exotic beauty glares in eye,
An impish heart gets the jerk.

Just a second plug energy,
Leave us mesmerizing for hours,
A feel resurrecting in heart,
Leaving us excited even in showers.

A slant towards life,
Igniting zeal, enthusiasm and spirit,
Every moment engenders smile,
No tears, no pain, no culprit.

This is a world of my thoughts,
Viciously circulating with time,
Every second is an era,
Of, romanticism, love, values and rhyme

A perfect team spirit with commitment,

Displaying the fortitude to the globe,

Thrashing the kangroos, devastating Pakistan & Conquering Lanka

 Played  three knock out  finals without dope .

An emotional tsunami originated at Wankhede,

Travelled faster than light all over the nation,

Every Indian is proud of being “An Indian” 

It was the result of 28 years preparation.

It demonstrated the zeal , thirst and hunger of 1.21 billion hearts

 Praying every second before the execution of last six,

The God finally bowed against the will of pure hearts,

Enabling every single emotion to mix.

Yes I am feeling proud, sitting over 7th heaven,

Every Indian road right now is reflecting the same story,

Every single individual’s hand is holding the flag high,

Yes this a moment for whole nation’s glory.

Now we will dance all night, enjoy till hell,

we will drink till we can’t stand , and that’s our right,

we are proud for an era of brilliance for our Nation,

A feel of morning rays piercing through dark night

Once again congrats to all Indians

We are the conqueror of the whole world with will,

With our ethics, culture and true spirit

We are capable of wiping out the strongest evil. 


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