Love is something that just means you,

The taste of your lips stands ahead in any queue,

Holding hands together sitting over dew,

Every single moment spend with you feels like new.

A kiss to your cheeks adds flavor to my mischief,

Every smile of you acts as a token of relief,

I had surrendered long back to your scenic beauty,

You picked out, like a throne from rose, my grief.

I shivered in the pain of competency and compliance,

Until the apartment of your arms showed their existence,

I lived under the belief of true emotional crunch,

Until the sea in your eyes showered its abundance.

A blind surmise of your fragrance is enough to fire,

A small blink of your eye carries diamond desire,

I have lost the battle against your seductive breaths,

I am a hostage of your magical sense of attire.

So you are the goddess of my creative globe,

every step  of you towards me increases my Heart throb,

I was the most confident person in earth ,

But a heavenly spirit of love had it all rob.

The water in my river of my thoughts is you,

The rainbow in the sky of my dreams is you,

Completing are my little universe of love and desire,

 I will complete it with three words ……… I love you.






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